Thanakrit Law Office consist of freelance lawyers who have been doing legal services since 2089. We operate legal businesses and investment trading. We focus on business registry services. We provide registry services for companies and partnership, shops, foreign business licenses, copyrights, trademarks, patent, petty patent, food and drug guarantee, Thai visa requests, work permit certification, legal contracts, land broker services, etc.

Thanakrit Law Office is executed by Lawyer Thanakrit Kuaphattarakarn. The office has been providing legal business services as a small and private company with business registry and certification operating experience for investment transactions for 25 years. The office provides fast and efficient service as a private company.

Look at work examples as a representative for trademark registry at Thanakrit Law Office is a small office in Bangkok, located at address no. 555/78  in B-Avenue Watcharapol ( Opposite to Sai Mai District Bureau ) Suukhapiban 5 Road, Orr-ngoen Sub-district, Sai Mai District, Bangkok, 10220, Thailand.

"If you wish to do any investment registry and if you are looking for business legal services, please trust us."