Registration Service Charge (Baht) Approx. Fee (Baht)
Government’s Fee for Commercial Registration - 7,000 / 1 million (capital)
1. Service Fee for Commercial Registration with the Registered Capital of One Million Baht 6,000 Government’s invoice
2. Representative Office / Foreign Business 40,000 Government’s invoice
3. Value Added Tax Entry and Taxpayer Identification Number Card 2,000 - 4,000 -
4. Registration of Change (e.g. change of address or and capital) 3,500 - 5,000 Government’s invoice
5. Trademark Registration (One Request) (e.g. one item: 800 baht and two items: 1,600 baht) 7,000 Depending on the product item
6. Patent Registration (One Request) 30,000 Government’s invoice
7. Copyright Registration (One Request) 7,000 -
8. Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) License 20,000 Government’s invoice
9. Contract Drafting 5,000 Depending on the difficulty

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Work Permit Service Charge (Baht) Approx. Fee (Baht)
1. One-Year Work Permit (Business: NON-B) 6,000 3,100
2. One-Year Work Permit, Representative Office 10,000 3,100
3. One-Year BOI Work Permit (Approving and Filling the Position (One Stop)) 10,000 3,100
4. One-Year Renewal of (Business) Work Permit and Annual Performance Report 5,000 3,100
5. One-Year Renewal of Work Permit, Representative Office 10,000 3,100
6. One- Year Renewal of BOI Work Permit and Annual Performance Report 10,000 3,100
7. Three-, Six- and 12-Month Renewal of Work Permit (Business: NON-B) 5,000 850, 1,600, 3,100
8. Modification and Addition of Address, Position, Job, Workplace, Job Type and Business Type 4,000 Depending on the change
9. Resignation Report and Return of the Work Permit 2,000 -
  1. In the case that the company or organization hires a foreigner(s), it requires the registered capital of 2,000,000 baht (Two Million Baht) per one foreigner.
  2. In the case that the company hires a foreigner, it requires at least four Thai employees (receiving salaries that meet or higher than the standard salary set by the government) not including Thai manager per one foreigner.
  3. The salary (wage) rates of foreign employees are as follows: 60,000 baht for American, Japanese and Australian employees and 50,000 baht for European employees. According to the government’s regulations, the salary rates of Asian and Middle East employees are different from these rates.


Thai Visa Service Charge (Baht) Approx. Fee (Baht)
1. One-Year VISA (The officer goes abroad with his/her customer(s) for the first time.) 7,000 1,900
2. One-Year VISA (The officer goes abroad with his/her customer(s) for the first time.) Other types of VISAS are such as marriage VISA (foreign spouse) 5,000 1,900
3. Marriage, Retirement and Travel VISAs 7,000 1,900
4. VISAs for spouses and children (Wife: 6,000 baht | Child: 4,000 baht) 10,000 1,900
5. One-Year VISA, Representative Office, Foreign Business / BOI 7,000 1,900
6. VISA Change or NON-B and NON-O Registration (The officer has to go with his/her foreign customer(s) every time.) 8,000 2,000
7. Notification of Staying in the Kingdom Over 90 Days 1,000 - 1,500 -
8. Change of Passport and Reseal of VISA 2,000 -
9. Re-entry single 2,000 1,000
10. Re-entry multiple 2,000 3,800
11. Renewal of Type-B VISA Case-by-case basis Case-by-case basis

The above prices do not include the government’s fees that the customers have to pay by themselves.