Legislate Contract

  1. Purchase / Sale
  2. Exchange
  3. Bequeath
  4. Property Rental
  5. Hire purchase
  6. Labour Hire
  7. Made to Order
  8. Transportation
  9. Borrow
  10. Assets Deposit
  11. Guarantee
  12. Mortgage
  13. Pledge
  14. Warehouse storage
  15. Representatives
  16. Brokers
  17. Compromise
  18. Bill of Exchange
  19. Partnership in Company

Basic structure of general contract

  • General Land Purchase / Sale Contract
  • Land Rental Contract
  • Loan Contract
  • Construction Contract
  • Broker's Contract

Minutes of the Committee Meeting approving the sale / purchase of the land. (In case of a company)

LEGALIZATION OF DOCUMENTS AT LAND DEPARTMENT Evidences required for submitting with application to land department for legalizing

When you want to contact the provincial land department or it's branch office or district land office to register the right or legalised the immovabie property in accordance with the Civil & Commercial Code such as Purchase / Sale , mortgage with stipulated period , mortgage , etc , the Land Official will have to investigate about the ownership right , the abillty of individuai as well as the completeness of the legalistion and to ask for evidence of the land and nearby owners for consideration . Threfore all evidence is very important to speed up the land registration. In order to give facility to people who want to register their lends or ask for official document of their , the land department has prepared a list of necessary documents for submitting to Provincial land Office or it's branch office or to the District land Office as the case may be.

The registration of ownership and legalisation of the immovable property in most case will conist of 2 parties , while the request for official document of the land such as Title deeds or Letter of Confirmation for usance of land will be done by the applicant only , therefore the evidence submitted for the investigtion of the land authority can be divided in2 categories according to the position of both parties which is The Transforer of one part and the Transferrer of the other part.

The Transferrer shall mean the ownership of the land or right holder who would like to transfer the ownership to another known as '' The Transferrec '' In this case there is a gencral rule about the supporting documents for the transfer of any Kind such as the Seller , the donator , etc . The following documents must be submitted to the Land Official for investigation purpose.

  1. For Ordinary Porson
    • Title Deeds or Letter of confirmation of usance of land.
    • I.D.Card
    • Certificate of changing name or surname ( If any )
    • Letter of Consent. From Spouse to make such legalisation. In the event of divorce must submit Divorce Certificate.
    • Proposal to buy or sale or deposit contract ( If any )
    • If you are not doing this yourself must submit Letter of authorization. Form and I.D. Card of both Transferree and Transferree.
    • The filling of letter of authorisation must follow the instruction on the back of the form lssued by the Land Department.
  2. Juristic Person
    • Title Deeds or Letter of confirmation for usance of Land.
    • Evidence to show that the applicant is authorised to act on behalf of the Company together with specimen signature of the authorized person.

  1. Ordinary Person
    1. For Thai Citizen who would like to buy lands must submit the following documents
      • I.D. Card
      • Household Registration (Thor. Por. 14 ) with name list of everybody in the family if the buyer is married and lives in different domicile to submit also the Household Registration of Spouse whose name appeared in that household registration also
      • In the event of moving from many domicile , if it is possible to submit the household registration of the old the domicile , please do so.
      • In the event of Spouse being a foreigner but received permission to naturalized to Thai or return the old nationality or holding the same nationality as the spouse , to submit those evidences as well.
      • If married or divorced , to submit respective certificate.
      • In the event of still married , must submit a letter of consent from the spouse.
      • If received permission to change name or surname , must submit official certificate for that effect.
      • In the event of minor and still have father / mother or either of them is foreigner , to bring evidence of education and carrier of the parents with at least two witnesses to guarantee.
    2. Thai citizen who has divorced or separated from their old foreign spouse must submit supporting evidence as stated in No.1 plus the following documents
      • Divorce Certificate or evidence of the separtion from spouse.
      • Evidence of the Carrier of the Buyer.
    3. Thai Citizen by naturalisation , must submit following documents.
      • Certificate of Thai Naturalisation or respective copy.
      • I.D. Card
      • Household Registration
      • Certificate of changing name and surname.
  • Juristic Person
    • Certificate of Juristic Person Formation.
    • Authorized letter to act on behalf of Juristic Person.
    • Articles of the Association.
    • List of share holders with nationality and number of shares hold by each shareholder which the Trade Registration has approved at present.
    • ID Card of Director or representative of such Juristic Person.