Geographical Indications

Geographical Indication is a name or symbol or other indicators which represents the origin of a good and which conveys to the consumer the special quality or features of that good vis-à-vis goods that are produced elsewhere. For example, the name “Petchabun Sweet Tamarind” consists of the word “sweet tamarind” which indicates the type of product and the word “Petchabun” which signifies its origin. The name also suggests to the public that the product is of high quality, is sweet in flavor, and is not soggy, which are the particular features of Petchabun Sweet Tamarind as a result of the soil quality and the quantity of rain falls in the Petchabun province coupled with the skills of Petchabun farmers who possess special farming techniques which makes tamarind grown in Petchabun sweeter than those grown in other provinces. Hence, geographical indication will occurred when there exist two key components or factors, that is, nature and human in that location or area, in which nature would provides the environment or inputs to produce the good, while humans would provide the skills and local knowledge in the production of such good, which together contribute to the special quality or features of the good. Given this reason, the right on geographical indication thus belongs to the local community or the local people which produces the good.