Food Control Division

Recently, the severe food borne diseases could effect to health and economic impacts to many parts of the world such as BSE and Avian Flu. Many diseases are also investigated that might be occurred by the influence of introducing new chemicals or ingredients in foods. Therefore, food safety becomes a major concern in this century.

For the purpose of ensuring food safety and quality, the Food Control Division has responsibilities for protecting consumer's health from hazardous and deteriorated foods.

Its functions include pre-marketing approval and post-marketing activities, e.g. licensing for manufacturing and importation of food commodities and registration of specially controlled food. The purpose is to screen for good quality and safe food only to enter into markets. These have been undertaken and regulated by Thai FDA under the provision of the Food Act B.E. 2522.

Drug Control Division

The Drug Control Division has set a vision as an institute with reliability and good reputation in consumer protection. The public is thus assured of accessibility to safe and efficacious marketed pharmaceutical products of standard quality, to reliable and adequate information, and to advance technology. The Division promotes the production capacity of local pharmaceutical industries to the extent that they are able to export medicines of standard quality.

The Division carries out its mission in consultation or cooperation with experts in science, medicine, pharmacy and public health, consumers, manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of drugs. It works closely with several other organizations (e.g. universities, industries, hospitals, health-care professional groups, consumer groups, other relevant agencies and foreign governments) in the drug development and review processes.