Patent/Petty Patent

Patent is a type of intellectual property that is most familiar to everyone. It is possible to say that patent is related to everyone’s daily life in that products that people use every day are the results of human inventions, such as the creation of detergent, which is now highly condensed and very effective in cleaning. Therefore, a patent has contributed to more conveniences and a better and safer living standard.

Patent  means important document issued by the government to protect an invention, a product design, or a utility model as provided under the laws.

Invention means innovation on composition, structure or mechanics of a product, production and maintenance processes, as well as quality improvement.

Product Design means innovation related to modification of exterior feature of a product for beautificatio n and differentiation.

Utility Model or also called Petty Patent is similar to invention but the level of technological innovation is not high or it is a result of minor innovation.

Petty patent is an important document issued by the government to protect an invention.